Sunday, May 20, 2018

Preview: BELLA AT THE BAR Vol.1

July's release from The Treasury of British Comics will be Bella at the Bar Volume 1, a collection of the first year of Bella stories that first appeared in Tammy weekly from 1974 to 1975. (There's also a back up strip reprinting a Bella story, That Barlow Kid, from a Tammy Annual.) A favourite amongst many collectors who read it at the time, this softback book is sure to be a winner. 

Here's the PR from Rebellion, along with a preview of the first episode...

CREATIVE TEAM: Jenny McDade (w) John Armstrong (a)
REGIONS: worldwide & digital
RELEASE DATE: 12th July 2018
PAPERBACK, 114 pages
PRICE: £10.99 (UK)
ISBN: 9781781086254

Bella’s gymtastic adventure begins here! Bella Barlow is a young orphan with ambitions to be a world class gymnastic. She has the talent, but is hampered by her cruel Uncle Jed and Aunt Gert who constantly exploit her for their own selfish gains. While out cleaning windows for her uncle’s business, Bella comes across an exclusive school with a great gymnastics programme. A kind teacher named Miss Mortimer would happily accept her, but the young athlete faces great opposition from her guardians and the horrible snobbery of the school’s headmistress.

Available in print from: book stores, Amazon, and comic book stores via Diamond

Available to pre-order now directly from the publishers:

Preview: the first JINTY collection

These are good times for comics enthusiasts. Not only are there a diverse range of new comics available, classic strips are being reprinted too. The latest collection from Rebellion's Treasury of British Comics will be a softback compiling two serials from Jinty, The Land of No Tears and The Human Zoo which originally appeared in the weekly in the late 1970s.

Here's the PR from the publishers, plus a few sample pages...

CREATIVE TEAM: Pat Mills, Malcolm Shaw (w) Guy Peeters (a) 
REGIONS: UK, worldwide digital
RELEASE DATE: 28th June 2018
PAPERBACK, 144 pages
PRICE: £10.99 (UK)
ISBN: 9781781086247

Two spooky sci-fi classics from the best-selling girls' comic of the 1970s and '80s! LAND OF NO TEARS: Whilst undergoing surgery on her lame leg, Cassy Shaw is transported into a dystopian future in which people with genetic defects are regarded as second class citizens. Unable to accept such objectionable discrimination, Cassy attempts to rally her peers (the Gamma girls) into beating the Alpha girls in several sporting events. Can she win the Golden Girl award and prove herself an equal?

THE HUMAN ZOO: Twin sisters Shona and Jenny are kidnapped along with their classmates by a superior race of telepathic aliens. Brought back to the aliens’ home planet, Shona and some other human captives are kept in cages where they are treated and displayed like animals, while Jenny is sold to another owner. Will the twins ever be able to reunite and escape to Earth?

Available in print from: book stores, Amazon, and comic book stores via Diamond

Direct link: 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Space was ace!

Ask most lads who grew up in the 1960s what they were interested in and "space" would be in the top few answers for many, or at least the imaginative ones anyway. The space race between America and the USSR was regularly in the news and manufacturers of toys, comics, and TV shows were eager to latch onto the huge interest in space exploration.

Even Zoom ice lolly was rocket shaped, and in 1963 it gave away a free space picture card tucked in the sleeve of every lolly. Add an endorsement by Steve Zodiac of Fireball XL5 and who could resist? 

This advert is from Boys' World No.22, dated 22nd June 1963. I was only four then, and ice lollies gave me stomach ache so I never had those cards. (I was always ok with ice cream. It was ice lollies that disagreed with me.) I thought I'd show the ad here today though to stir the memories of those of you who did collect them and its album. Anyone remember it?

Prog Preview: 2000AD No.2082

Three new storylines begin in 2000AD next week, with a new Judge Dredd serial and the return of Durham Red and Survival Geeks! Here's the info...

UK and DIGITAL: 23rd May 2018 £2.75
NORTH AMERICA: 23rd June 2018 $6.75

In this issue:
JUDGE DREDD: THE PARADIGM SHIFT by Michael Carroll (w) Jake Lynch (a) John Charles (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)

SKIP TRACER: HEAVY IS THE HEAD by James Peaty (w) Paul Marshall (a) Dylan Teague (c) Simon Bowland (l) 

SURVIVAL GEEKS: GEEK-CON by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby (w) Neil Googe (a) Gary Caldwell (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)

THE FALL OF DEADWORLD by Kek-W (w) Dave Kendall (a) Ellie De Ville (l)

DURHAM RED: BORN BAD by Alec Worley (w) Ben Willsher (a) Ellie De Ville (l)

Available in print from: newsagents, book stores, Amazon, and comic book stores via Diamond

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The GUNGE is coming!

As I said over on my other blog, Combat Colin No.3 has been delayed slightly due to my commitments on my mainstream comic strips, but it should be ready by late June to mid-July. Once again it'll have 40 pages reprinting the classic Combat Colin strips from The Transformers comics of the late 1980s. 

With this issue, we enter the time when the strip returned to its full page status, and the plots became even more fantastic in tone. Here's an example above! (This page originally appeared in The Transformers No.238, back in 1989.)

You can see a different preview strip on my other blog!

If you're interested in buying the first two issues of Combat Colin they're still in stock and available directly from me at my website:

Don't forget that if you're a fan of The Transformers comic I'll be one of the guests at TFNation in August!

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